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Pigeon & Bird Control Nottingham

Pest Control Nottingham deal with a variety of pigeon and bird pest control issues. Problems can arise when birds choose to live in and around buildings and build nests either inside or on the outside of buildings. Areas of concern include fouling of buildings, causing damage and corrosion, noise pollution, disease, fouling of footways causing a slip hazard and contamination or damage to stored product foods. Pigeons can be particularly invasive in town centres, where they have adapted very well to living alongside humans and Pest Control Nottingham employ various methods to keep any problems in check.

Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons can be a serious public health risk. Their droppings and nests contain viruses and bacteria that can transmit many different diseases that are harmful to humans. The peak breeding season for feral pigeons is March - July but under the right conditions they will breed all year round. Nests can be found in domestic lofts with entry typically through a dislodged roof tile or a damaged fascia board. Older, unoccupied buildings can house a good population of pigeons with damaged window panes a common entry point.

Pigeons frequently cause problems in large open industrial buildings such as warehouses or manufacturing units with access via roller shutter doors and nesting sites on beams, girders and ledges.

Pigeon & Bird Control Nottingham

Bird proofing

Once birds have been removed or they have left after the nesting season it is a good idea to look at proofing solutions. With nesting birds such as swifts and swallows that will often build nests under the eaves of houses spikes can be placed to prevent nests being built. Some birds will choose to nest in chimney pots and specially designed chimney pot spikes can be installed. On domestic properties with feral pigeons I will proof the entry point once the pigeons have been removed. If it’s a missing roof tile I will do a temporary proofing fix from the inside until a roofer can replace or repair any damage.

On commercial properties bird spikes can be placed on any perching sites. Or for a more discrete option there are post and wire options, or bird free gel. There is an electric bird deterrent system by Avishock that plugs into the mains and transmits a small electric shock to any birds landing on it. They quickly learn to avoid that area and no lasting harm is caused. For large areas netting is an option.

Sanitation Service

Pest Control Nottingham can offer an after treatment service if there are any concerns about health risks to minimise the risks of disease and contact with harmful bacteria or viruses with bird guano or around the nest.

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