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Pest Control Nottingham understand the many challenges faced by our rural and agricultural customers. Farmers in particular can be faced with many pest control challenges on top of a whole host of other jobs that need doing. That’s where Pest Control Nottingham come into their own, dealing with any pest control problems and freeing you up to do all the other jobs. Pest Control Nottingham will deal with the smallest of jobs, such as a one off wasp nest treatment, or rat problem in a farm house, to large pest control jobs such as farms overrun with rats in a grain store or hay barn.

Providing a hands on solution to all your pest control needs Pest Control Nottingham take an Integrated Pest Management approach, providing solutions for a variety of pests to help maximize yield, protect crops and valuable livestock.

Rats can be a big problem in the winter months when they tend to seek food and shelter away from the fields and hedgerows and into or around the farm buildings. Some of our farmers have battled in vain to keep control of rats in the past; spending huge amounts of time and money on ineffective poisons to little effect. Pest Control Nottingham; using a range of control methods and specialist rodenticides can knock down even the most difficult rodent infestations in a relatively short amount of time.

Once a pest problem is resolved we can provide support to help prevent future problems by using a range of methods at our disposal. We can advise on proofing, waste clearance and hygiene and provide longer term pest control contracts to monitor and control any future problems.

All Pest Control Nottingham contract customers receive a full pest control folder keeping you fully up to date with current legislation including environmental risk assessments and a written report with our findings, actions and recommendations at the end of each visit.

Pest Control Nottingham also provide a mole catcher service for our rural, agricultural and farm customers, whether that be a domestic garden or farmland with 100 plus acres of land.

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