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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal Nottingham

Nottingham wasp nest treatment

Wasp nest control has to be undertaken with great caution. Pest Control Nottingham know just how unpredictable wasps can be - you can never be sure when they will strike and if one wasp releases attack pheromones you can quickly be covered with 100’s of very angry wasps. Every wasp nest treatment is different and taken on its own merits. Some wasp nests will be visible - perhaps in the loft, a bush, shed, garage or under a sheltered overhang. Many wasp nests will be hidden - in the ground, wall cavity or nesting between the roof tiles and the roofing felt.

Wasp nest removal

Some wasp nests can be safely removed if they are visible and there is access. Once a nest gets to a good size though Pest Control Nottingham would recommend injecting the nest with an insecticide and leaving it in situ. All wasps will then re-enter the nest and they will all be dead within 2-3 hours. If the nest is removed many wasps will return from their foraging trips and will hang around for days creating a nuisance.

Wasp nest pricing

Pest Control Nottingham offer a fixed price wasp nest treatment. No matter how the nest is treated or what height it is at. I have triple ladders on my van and extension lances if need be to cover me for all scenarios.

Wasp Nest Removal Nottingham

Wasp problems

Queen wasps emerge from hibernation in the spring. She will build a nest from wood pulp and saliva to about golf ball size and lay her first brood of around a dozen eggs. The queen wasp will feed the grubs chewed up insects and when they emerge as wasps the queen becomes nest bound. She is in effect an egg laying machine. The young wasps then take over responsibility for nest building and feeding the other grubs. The nest quickly grows in size until around August when there can be up to 10000 wasps. The queen’s last brood are the next generation of queens, which will leave the nest and hibernate for the winter. All the other wasps and the nest will die over the winter. Any queens that survive the winter will go onto build a new nest the following spring.

Bee treatment

Bee colonies can often be re-homed by Pest Control Nottingham. Often they can be left alone if they are causing no harm. Sometimes bees have to be treated. Contrary to popular belief bees are not protected and can be treated with certain safeguards. It is best practice not to treat if possible and I am happy to advise. If necessary I can charge just a callout fee to access a situation for a customer’s peace of mind.

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