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Contract Pest Control

Pest Control Nottingham have built a large number of contract customers on our books. Many of those have come to use us based on our reputation for good, honest and reliable pest control in Nottingham. Others may have used us in the past for various pest control problems and have been happy with the service provided at a very reasonable cost. Each of our contract customers in Nottingham will have a service level agreement tailor made to their individual requirements and needs.

Pest Control Nottingham have many different customers who require a pest control contract. They may be private individuals or commercial, industrial or rural/farms. They include private landlords, estate agents, parish councils, factories, manufacturers, warehouses, restaurants, takeaways, hotels, nursing homes, office blocks, leisure parks, shops and schools.

Why Use Pest Control Nottingham?

Almost all of Pest Control Nottingham’s contract customers have had problems with pests in the past. Many have used other pest control providers and have not been happy for various reasons. Either because they weren’t happy with the service provided, or possibly the cost or often because the pest problems weren’t being dealt with to their satisfaction. Some of our customers have tried to deal with pest issues themselves and soon realise that it can be very time consuming, frustrating and deliver poor results.

Some of our pest control customers in Nottingham want the assurance, safeguards and peace of mind that hiring a professional brings. Pests can cause a great deal of damage and that can impact on health & safety, monetary loss or loss of customers and in extreme cases closure of businesses or loss of a licence to trade. Many of our Lettings Agents will use Pest Control Nottingham time and again on their properties because they trust us to liaise with their tenants in a professional and caring manner and for our professional attitude every step of the way.

What you get:

Every Pest Control Nottingham contract customer receives a full and comprehensive contract folder. Each pest control contract has a service level agreement tailored to suit the customer; with the number of visits outlined and pest species covered. Contents of the folder are broken down into sections to include a pest control specification, risk assessment, emergency contact details, schedule of pesticides, checklist, baiting/monitoring plan, customer action points, treatment report forms, method statement, health, safety and environmental information, environmental risk assessment, public liability certificate, COSHH sheets, training sheets and an archive section.

Free Survey

If you’re thinking of looking for great service at a very competitive cost call the experts at Pest Control Nottingham for a free survey of your premises. We will undertake a thorough search and make recommendations based on our findings. All at no cost.

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