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Pest Control Nottingham remove mice from many domestic and commercial properties. Mouse problems in a domestic property can very quickly get out of hand and it’s not unusual to find over 100 mice in a house. Mice will breed very quickly and we would strongly recommend dealing with any mouse problem as soon as possible. On an initial visit Pest Control Nottingham will perform a thorough search of the property or premises to discover the extent of the mouse activity and to find any possible entry points that they are using. The findings found on that initial visit will enable us to pinpoint just where the mice are active and to quickly remove the problem.

Nottingham mice problems

Mouse activity is usually straight forward to identify. You may have found droppings, discovered damaged food packaging or cables/wiring or heard them scuttling across a ceiling. They can be surprisingly loud when travelling across a ceiling. Plasterboard ceilings can amplify their sound and many customers are surprised to find that they have mice in a loft rather than a much larger rat or squirrel. Mouse droppings are easily identifiable due to their size - very much like grains of rice. Caution must be taken though when I find droppings in a loft that they are indeed mouse droppings and not bats.

Once the extent and nature of a mouse problem has been identified Pest Control Nottingham will use a range of methods at our disposal to deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Public safety is always a priority when dealing with any traps or poisons and great consideration is made to any children in the home, or workplace staff, domestic animals and non-target species.

About mice

Mouse problems in Nottingham will typically be either wood/field mice or house mice. A female mouse is sexually mature at just 2 months and she can go on to produce around 6 litters per year with 4-6 young per litter. They often travel quite a distance between different food and drink points before returning to their harbourage. A mouse will squeeze through a gap of less than 1cm and in a domestic terrace or semidetached house they will often cross adjoining lofts.

If you are concerned that you have a mouse problem in your property please contact Pest Control Nottingham now on 01158 823 002.

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